Picket Styles For Fences In Houston TX

Picket Styles

Picket Styles For Fences In Houston TX

There is a fairly wide variety of fence picket styles used across America, but only a few different ones are used to build custom wood fences in Houston TX. Dog ear pickets are by far the most popular. If you go to your backyard to look at your neighbor’s fence or drive around your neighborhood, around 95 percent of the fences you see were built with dog ear fencing pickets. If you are looking to have a Houston Fence Company come to your house and build a new custom wood fence, you have a few options to choose from. These different Picket Styles are shown and explained below.

Pressure Treated PineDog EarDog Ear

Dog ear fence pickets are by far the most popular picket style in Houston TX. In fact, about 95 percent of wood fences in Houston have dog ear pickets. A dog ear picket is cut square at the bottom, which means the bottom 2 corners have 90 degree angles. At the top, the 2 corners are cut at about a 45 degree angle. This gives the wood a slightly more decorative, but still formal, look to it and this is why it is the preferred picket in most areas of Texas. If matching a neighbor’s fence is important to you, there is a very good chance that your fence will be built with dog ear pickets. If you are more interested in having a fence that is different from the rest of the homes in your neighborhood, there are numerous customizations to choose from that don’t necessarily include using a different type of fence picket. Dog ear is definitely the most readily available and easy to find.

Western Red CedarFlattopFlattop

Custom wood fences in Houston are built with flattop pickets allot less often than dog ear, but they are the second most popular. Flattop fence pickets are cut square at all four corners, which means they are all 90 degrees. The only situation that flattop pickets are typically used for is when a homeowner wants framed lattice work at the top of their fence or some other custom built style that causes the top of the pickets to not be visible. With that being said, even under those circumstances, most fence companies still build the fence with dog ear pickets. Although it is pretty rare, there are some homeowners in Houston that prefer their fence to be perfectly square at the top like shown in the picture to the right. Despite it not being as common as dog ear, it is still a very nice look and it can definitely make your yard stick out from the rest of your neighborhood.

RedwoodFrench GothicFrench Gothic

French gothic pickets are hardly ever used in the Houston area, but the option is still available. These pickets are cut square at the bottom like any other type of fence picket, but they have a much more decorative cut at the top. Starting about a foot below the very top, the sides are increasingly curved towards the middle. The top side of the picket is left flat and is about an inch across. A half circle is then cut about a foot from the top on both sides where the curve began. This gives it a much more detailed and different look than almost all of the other types of fence pickets. Although this style of fence picket isn’t very popular, it does provide a nice look that can make your fence stick out from the monotonous style of fencing you see throughout Houston. French gothic fence pickets are also known to provide a complimentary look to Victorian style homes.


Gothic fence pickets are not commonly used in the Houston area, but they are still available. Gothic pickets are very similar to French gothic pickets. About a foot from the top, the sides begin to curve towards the middle of the picket as you get closer to the top. The top side is left flat about an inch across. The bottom is cut square and has a 90 degree angle on both corners. Gothic style fence pickets differ from French gothic because they do not have the semi-circle cut out. Even though these aren’t very popular in the Houston Texas area, using this type of picket can make your fence look different from any of your neighbors if that is what you are trying to achieve. They look great with certain types of homes and can provide a decorative look that you don’t see very often.


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