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Fencing Houston TXAre you looking for a trusted fence company in Houston TX to build you a new custom wood fence at an affordable price? If so, you have definitely found the best company for the job. Our professional builders have been fencing Houston TX residential homes and commercial properties for over 20 years now. With that many years of experience, you can have peace of mind knowing that our installers know exactly what they are doing and they will deliver quality work at a fair price. If you are interested in our services, simply fill out the estimate request form on any page to receive a no obligation free quote for your next custom wood fence.

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Houston Fence Photos, Examples Of Our Work, & Design Ideas

Below is our 3D photo gallery. Use the left and right arrows to scroll through the pictures. To see a larger view of a photo, just left click on the particular picture you want to see. Scrolling through the gallery below is a great way to get design ideas and compare your different options for Houston fencing.

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Wide Range Of Fences In Houston

If you drive through the residential neighborhoods in Houston TX, you will find a fairly wide range of fences. There are thousands of homes that have a traditional style of privacy fence, which is the most popular type of fencing in Houston. Although it is rare, you will also come across some fences with more extravagant designs and decorative looks. Either way, our builders have the experience, knowledge, and tools to deliver whatever particular look you want. If you want your next wood fence to be different from the average look of most fencing in Houston, but you aren’t sure exactly how you want it to look, then browse through our photo gallery above to compare some of your options. The pictures of fences in Houston that we have provided don’t really show all of the available options, but you can definitely get some design ideas. You can also visit our Fence Types page for more information and ideas.

The Customizations We Can Provide

As stated earlier, there are literally thousands of different customizations and looks you can give your fence. With that being said, pretty much all privacy fencing in Houston is built with the same fundamental structure before any customizations are applied. That means posts are set every 8 feet, 2 or 3 rails connect posts, and dog ear pickets are placed directly next to each other on at least one side of the fence. So how can Fencebuildersofhouston.com make your wood fence look different than that basic design that pretty much everyone else has? Well there are actually several ways that we can accomplish this.

Add Optional ComponentsAdd Optional Components

One of the most practical things that our Houston fence builders can do to give your custom wood fence a more unique look is to add optional components such as lattice, post caps, rot boards, and mini-pergolas. All of these are all commonly used parts of a fence that will give it a more decorative appearance. Pretty much all of the optional components are fairly inexpensive and can easily be added to your fence without much more labor costs. To get more information about the “add-on parts” of Houston fencing, take a look at our Fence Components page now.

Vary The Height

Vary The HeightAnother way our company can make your fence look different is to change the height of the fence. For example, you can have one eight foot section of fence that is 6 feet tall. Then, the eight foot section next to it is one foot taller. Of course the variation of height can be modified and custom designed many different ways. Sometimes, it is actually required that we vary the height of your fence because of the landscape of your yard. When you have an extremely uneven or un-level backyard, our builders will have to vary the height of your fence in one of two ways. First, they can keep the height of all the pickets the same, but each eight foot section will sit at a different height. The second option is to cut the pickets so that the top of the fence looks like it is all the same height. Doing it that way will still result in your fence being a different height when you measure the distance from the ground to the top of the fence in different areas of your yard.

Convex & Concave SectionsConvex And Concave Sections

Although it is rarely seen in Houston neighborhoods, another way that Fencebuildersofhouston.com can transform an ordinary fence into one that looks more visually appealing and different is to build it with convex or concave sections. Convex or concave sections means that there is a circular curve at the top of the fence between the posts that are placed 8 feet apart. In other words, if you look at the top of 2 eight foot sections of a convex fence, it will look like the letter m. If it is a concave fence, it will look like a letter w. Our professional Houston fence builders accomplish this look by cutting the top of the pickets at the proper angle.

Apply StainApply Stain

Applying stain to a new wood fence in Houston is a very popular way to give your fencing a more visually appealing look. It will really transform your fence and backyard into something beautiful if you also have a new deck and/or pergola that you stain with the same color. Applying stain to your fence brings out the natural beauty of the wood grain and helps protect it from rot at the same time. Our Houston Fence Company has a couple brands and shades of stains that we use on a regular basis, but there are many other shades and colors to choose from.

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