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Privacy Fence

“Privacy fences” are built to obscure the vision between two houses by placing pickets side by side so as to end up with a solid wall of wood that you can’t see through. Although there are many different styles of privacy fences, they are all meant to serve the single purpose of providing privacy in your backyard. Pickets for privacy fences are typically between 6 and 8 feet tall. If you have a rot board at the bottom, this will increase the height of the fence by 6 to 8 inches. Privacy fences can serve a wide range of purposes and there are numerous advantages associated with them. It is by far the most popular type of fencing in Houston TX as well. Some of the different styles and options associated with privacy fences in Houston are shown below. Pictures of these styles are shown from left to right.

Traditional Privacy FenceWith Post CapsCappedWith Rot Board

Good Neighbor

A “good neighbor fence” is a general term used to describe a fence that looks the same on both sides. In other words, if you went to your neighbor’s backyard and looked at the fence, it would look the exact same as it does in your yard. There are actually several different styles of good neighbor fences, but the point is to not leave your neighbor with a less attractive look than you. Good neighbor fences are often built when homeowners want to split the costs of a new fence. Regardless if that is the case or not, a good neighbor fence is always a good idea and neighbors are usually very pleased that you considered their interests when having a new wood fence installed.

Traditional Good Neighbor FenceAlternate PanelShadowboxPost & Rail

Spaced Picket

A “spaced picket fence” is a fencing style that is not very popular in the Houston TX area because they do not provide privacy for your backyard. The pickets are placed with gaps in between them, so you will be able to see straight through parts of the fence. This particular type of fencing is usually used at rural homes or homes that have a large yard surrounded by woods. If privacy is a big concern for you, this would not be a very good kind of fence to have built.

Spaced Picket

What Type Of Fencing Do Most People Get?

Although we have completed a fairly vast number of jobs that have had a pretty wide variety of specifications and customizations throughout the years, the most common type of fence that people get in Houston is a 6 foot cedar fence with 6 inch rot board. The reason why so many people get this particular fence design is because it is affordable and long lasting. A wood fence with cedar pickets and a rot board will provide the best value for your money. If you want to carefully balance costs, visual appeal, and quality, then 99 percent of the time, a 6 foot cedar fence with a rot board is what we will recommend to our customers.


Check out the Photos below to get design ideas and compare the different types of Houston Fencing.

photo gallery

Fence Types

Types Of Fences In Houston

Fence TypesIf you are a homeowner in Houston Texas that is looking to have a new wood fence built, there’s a fairly wide range of different fence types and styles to choose from. We can offer an infinite number of possibilities when it comes to the customizations our installers can deliver, but we have simplified your options into 3 main categories. If you’re trying to decide which style or design you would like to have, take a minute to look at the examples shown below.  It is important to note that there are a few Picket Styles & Different Woods that can be used for all of the designs.

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