Fence Components

Fence Components

Components Of Wood Fences In Houston

When it comes to building Houston fences, there are several of the absolutely necessary components and a few of the optional ones that it takes to end up with a finished product. Below we have provided details about the different parts of a fence in Houston. Nearly all of the materials used to build a custom wood fence will fluctuate as far as the costs go. To get the current prices of materials and labor, please fill out our estimate request form on the left and let Bill Tanner get in touch with you to go over all of the costs that are associated with our fencing Services.

Essential Fence Parts


PostsPosts are an absolutely necessary part of a fence. They are typically placed in the ground every 6 to 8 feet and anchored down with cement. Roughly 33 percent of the post goes below the ground and the remaining 66 percent can be seen above ground. The holes that the posts go in are usually dug with an auger or post hole diggers. Placing the fence posts in the correct position is the most important part of the whole fence building process. If they are put in the wrong place, you will end up with a crooked fence that is not structurally strong and likely to fall over. Depending on the height of your fence and some other important variables, fence posts are either:



RailsFence rails are another essential component of a fence. They are connected horizontally in between posts. The rails are 2x4 pieces of wood that are 8 ft long and cut down to fit properly between the posts. Most fences in Houston use either 2 or 3 rails. Using 3 rails increases the fence’s structural integrity allot compared to 2 rails. Some Houston fence contractors might recommend using 4 rails, but we strongly discourage this practice unless you are having an 8 foot fence built. Using 4 rails on a 6 foot fence is overkill and should be considered a waste of money. 3 rails provides plenty of strength. When you are having a new wood fence installed in Houston, you will have a decision to make when it comes to using 2 or 3 rails. As stated earlier, 3 rails is much stronger, but people use 2 all of the time. Many Houston homeowners base their decision on how their neighbor’s fence is built.


PicketsFence pickets are another one of the materials you must have to build a new fence. They are nailed onto the rails that are placed in between posts. There are several different styles, woods, and sizes used for fences in Houston. A few of the most popular sizes are shown below:



HardwareYou can have all of the lumber in the world, but you can’t build a structurally strong fence without good hardware. It is absolutely necessary for a wood fence. There are a wide range of different hardware options and most fence builders base their decision of which ones to use based on the specifications of the particular fence they are building. Some of the hardware that you use for fencing includes:



ConcreteConcrete is an essential component used to build a new wood fence. It is used to anchor the posts down every 6 or 8 feet. Some contractors will try to save pennies and maximize their profits by not using concrete to set the posts. This is a very bad practice. Without concrete, the posts are not only unstable and at risk of falling over shortly after a fence has been built, but it also makes the wood susceptible to rot from being exposed to the bare dirt. Water and moisture in the soil has no barrier to stop it from getting to the wood. If you are lucky and the whole fence doesn’t lean or even fall over after a few years, you will still undoubtedly have a serious problem with posts rotting. A rot board will not help in this situation. Rot boards protect the pickets, not the posts. Concrete is the only way to solve all of these issues. To put it simply, if a contractor does not use any concrete while building your new fence, ask him to not return to your house as soon as you see it. There is not any practical justifications for setting posts without concrete and you should totally discredit anything said by contractor that claims otherwise. Depending on how deep your post holes are going to be, you will typically use one 80 pound bag of concrete per post.

Optional Fence Parts

Rot Boards

Rot boards are a part of a fence that aren’t necessarily required, but they are highly recommended. A rot board is a 1 inch by 6 inch piece of wood that sits parallel with the ground at the bottom of the fence. It is nailed into the fence posts along the entire length of the fence.

Rot Boards

What is the purpose of a rot board?

Since water and moisture is bad for wood because it will speed up the rotting process, a rot board is a piece of wood that is put at the bottom of a fence and its purpose is to prevent the rest of the fence from rotting. Houston obviously has harsh weather conditions at times and it is usually pretty humid. Standing water from rain and drops of water that splash off of the ground will get the bottom 6 inches of a fence wet. Fences usually rot from the ground up as a result. By placing a rot board at the bottom of the fence, you are allowing a single piece of wood to rot rather than the entire fence. Rot boards are easily and affordably replaced compared to a whole new fence. Another advantage of building your fence with a rot board is it will sit 6 to 8 inches higher.

Post Caps

Post CapsPost caps for fences in Houston are optional features that are commonly used to add a decorative look to your fence. They go on top of your fence posts. There are several different designs that are available and we can send you some pictures of the different options that would match your fence. The prices for wood fence post caps vary depending on how elaborate of a look you trying to achieve and what species of wood your fence will be built out of. Nevertheless, post caps are relatively inexpensive and can definitely make your fence stick out from the monotonous look everyone else has.

Lattice Work

Lattice WorkLattice work is another optional feature for Houston fences. A lattice is installed at the top of a fence above the pickets. It is a fairly affordable way to add to the visual appeal of your fence and make it stick out from the average yard. There are several advantages and reasons that you should to add lattice work to your new wood fence. One of the most important benefits is a much higher fence. Lattices can give you up to an extra 3 feet, which can definitely help obscure the vision between you and your neighbors backyard. In addition to the added privacy, it can also provide a great place for ivy and vines to grow. Many avid gardeners want lattice on their fence for a place to grow some of their favorite plants.


Mini-PergolasMini-pergolas are an optional component to Houston fences that are meant to add to the visual appeal of your new wood fence. They are usually built directly over a gate or some other section of a fence that clearly sticks out from the rest. Like lattice work, mini-pergolas provide a good place for ivies or vines to grow. A mini-pergola looks even better if you have a full sized pergola over your deck or patio area. They are fairly inexpensive and easy for a fence contractor to build A mini-pergola is typically built at the top of 2 fence posts that are taller than the rest of the posts. With that being said, if you want a mini-pergola built, you’ll need to tell your contractor from the beginning so that he can get 2 posts that are longer than the rest.


StainStain for a wood fence is an option that homeowners take advantage of and use to spice up the look of the fence. There are allot of benefits associated with a fence being stained. The number one advantage and reason that homeowners stain their fence is because of the beautiful finished look it provides. It helps bring out the natural colors of the wood and enhances the look of the grain. In addition to the great look stain provides, another benefit that you get is some added protection from the sun, rain, and insects. Stain acts just like water sealant. It is a protective layer on the outside of the wood that makes it very difficult to penetrate. This added protection can buy you several more years out of your fence.

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